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As part of Paragon’s version 5.31 software enhancements we got a new look and feel for Paragon Bing Maps! The NNRMLS staff is really excited to share this news and a brief summary of the enhancements. Soon we’ll be concentrating on each section with more details to help guide you through the process.

*So what is changing? New and improved map searching!

Clustering! Fits more results on the page and easier to see:

When search results are returned, the map will cluster the results in a blue circle with a number. The previous tool would bunch them up making it very difficult to isolate properties. Now when you click on the cluster (blue circle), the number will show the listings in an easy-to-view sidebar on the left. To view the next property in the cluster, click the arrow at the bottom. To preview the property, click the MLS number in the sidebar. You can also double-click a cluster to zoom in to see the results. Clustering also allows Paragon to double the result size. Previously the maximum results returned on the map was 250, but now it’s 500!

Drawing Tools can now be hidden or displayed and they have been updated to contain labels for quick reference. Previously, the old drawing tools were present, but you had to hover over the option to read the label.

Bing Map Search

New Drawing Tool – Custom Marker Coming Soon

This new drawing tool is not available yet, but coming soon! It will allow you to add a Custom Marker to your map, select the icon color and insert comments. More information and images to come! 

Map Tools – Layers

The Layers tool has some great updated features! One of those is the Flood Map. To enable the flood map layer click the layers button in the toolbar. Then click the checkbox for “Flood Plain,” and toggle the ‘on/off’ switch to get labels on the flood plain layer.(double click the image to see a full-page view.)

Flood map steps



When you’re done picking the Flood Plain layer simply click the Layers button a second time to make it disappear. You can now easily pick out properties that may or may not exist within flood zone! (double click the image to see a full-page view.)

Flood map layers





You can even check the flood zones for individual listings! While viewing a listing just click the “M,” (for ‘map’), icon and follow the steps above to view the flood zones for that particular listing! So easy! You don’t even have to open another app to get the info.

Flood map from listing





More information and images about Layers to come! Other layers include Parcel Lines, Neighborhoods, Postal Codes, City, County and Traffic!

Map layer choices





Print Button

The new Print button provides a hover info tip:

Bing-Map-Search_send to printer combined


Points of Interest (POI)

The Points of Interest tool has a new display to save space and provide easier viewing. More information and images to come! 

Map Legend

The Map Legend color-codes all statuses that appear in a search for easy recognition. More information and images to come! 

GPS location

If you are using a tablet with GPS, the map will display your current location. More information and images to come! 

Address Search

The new map tool includes a single address field making it much easier to enter addresses. You can also include a mileage value to draw a radius around the address. Images to come! 

Map Pin

The new Map Pin displays the list price of the property instead of a sequential number based on results. When you click the pin, it shows the listing in an easy-to-view sidebar on the left. Click the MLS number in this sidebar to quickly see a listing detail report. Images to come! 

Interactive Parcels

You can now click a parcel and see the parcel measurements for the entire property selected! It also opens a “mini-detail” with information related to the parcel record which contains, address, city, state, zip, FIPS Code, APN number, latitude and longitude. Images to come! 

Wow! Paragon map searching just got a whole lot faster and easier! Thanks Paragon!