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We are delighted to welcome once again, guest blogger, Amy Shocket, ABR, CRS, CNE, GREEN, GRI, PMN. Amy is currently serving as Vice-President of the NNRMLS Board of Trustees. We appreciate Amy’s service, her extensive education and being willing to submit this blog article for the benefit of all of us.

Are you looking for an efficient way to deliver disclosures and other property-specific information to buyer’s agents? Do you want the buyer’s agent to be able to access the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure (SRPD), the Lead Based Paint Disclosure, and your company’s required disclosures ahead of time so they can have their buyers sign when submitting their offer? NNRMLS provides an easy and efficient way to provide these documents to the buyer’s agent so they can download or print these documents and provide them to the buyers – it’s call Associated Documents.

Listing Agents

When you are inputting a new listing you can upload these documents easily by going to the “Documents” icon.Open the "documents" folder first





Once you click on the icon, Paragon gives you the option to Add, Modify or Delete documents.

Add new, modify or delete here

You can upload a PDF, Word document or JPEG.  In addition, it is a good practice to reference that you have uploaded documents in “Associated Docs” in your Private Remarks, to direct the buyer’s agent to look here.  

Buyer’s Agents

When you are in a listing in Paragon you will know if the listing agent has uploaded documents if the “D” skittle appears next to the photograph or by their reference in private remarks.

Example of "D" Skittle by listing image

Click on the “D” and it opens to display any document that the listing agent may have uploaded for the buyer’s review. You can view the document simply by clicking on the link. If desired, you can print and also select document(s) to email to your client.

Utilization of Associated Docs by both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent can save all parties time in providing and returning transaction required disclosures.