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ALL AGENTS and BROKERS who use Instanet templates should update the DUTIES OWED and SUPPLEMENT to the DUTIES OWED forms immediately FOR ALL SIDES of the transaction! 

The Duties Owed and the Supplement to the Duties Owed were revised by the Nevada Real Estate Division. The Duties Owed now has an option to mark if the Supplement to the Duties Owed form will be attached. The Real Estate Division also removed the watermark that was on the Supplement form. The forms are NOW AVAILABLE in Instanet. Since the Real Estate Division has made a change that requires a box to be marked, you will need to update your Instanet templates with the newest version of these forms. Remember: New forms will break templates that contain the old version of the form. This means, if  you used the old version of the Duties Owed OR Supplement to the Duties Owed form in your template, you’ll need to update that template NOW!  

Why you need to update your templates:
If you have a template with an old form in it, and you apply that template to a new  transaction, the old form will not appear in the new transaction’s form list. It is effectively “locked” away inside the template, never to be released again. You must delete it from the template and add the new form.

It’s easy to do…let’s see how:

These are instructions on how to update a form in NEW Instanet:

1. Click on the SETUP gear icon on the left side of your screen, then click on TRANSACTION TEMPLATES:








2. Click the three stacked dots that correspond to the template you need to edit and click Edit: 2b

3. You’ll easily locate the out-of-date form by looking for the message: This form has been disabled.
forms-disabled4. Click the three stacked dots that correspond to the disabled form and click Delete:

5. When you see the message “Are you sure you wish to delete this item?” click Yes. Repeat this process for the Duties Owed Supplement. Are you sure you want to delete

6. Now add the New Duties Owed form, by clicking the Plus Mark that corresponds to the Forms section of your template:
7. Click the folder that corresponds to the type of transaction your template is made for:forms folders
Make sure you’re adding the correct form for the type of transaction; Selling=Buyer, Listing=Seller, Owner and Tenant=Property Management. The Supplement to the Duties Owed is for TEAMS, which you will need to replace as well.

Please contact your REALTOR Association or the Nevada Real Estate Division for more info on the Supplement to the Duties Owed.

8. Click the round check boxes that correspond to the Duties Owed and the Duties Owed Supplement and click the Add button:

9. OPTIONAL: If desired, click and drag with your mouse, the DUTIES OWED forms into your preferred order. (This is only if you want the forms to be in a different order than they already appear)

That’s it! Your template is already saved and can be used effectively again!