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Help your clients get into their home by connecting them with local down payment assistance programs.

In what ways do these programs help? The following list is taken from the article by Down Payment Resource, LLC. To read in full, Click here

1. Programs helps your client purchase a home sooner.
These resources can immediately build buying power, helping your clients take action on a purchase more quickly.

2. The programs allow them to take advantage of today’s low interest rates.
Home buyer programs provide access to down payment funds to help more families take advantage of present low interest rates.

3. Programs help offset FHA premiums and mortgage insurance.
You may not know that FHA loans can be combined with a down payment assistance program, helping offset the costs of premiums and mortgage insurance.

4. Community service employees are helped to live close to their jobs through programs.
Find out about area-targeted down payment programs that can help provide funds for a down payment, helping keep valuable employees in the community as well as reduce commuter costs.

5. Your clients will have an important cash cushion.
Down payment assistance helps buyers with the upfront cash for the down payment so they can plan for other homeownership expenses.

6. Homeownership programs usually require and provide valuable homeownership education.
Valuable, upfront education helps your client prepare for the home buying process and sets them up for long-term homeownership success.

To read the full article by DPR, Click here

Have you seen the “DPR icon” by listings in Paragon? (It looks like a dollar sign with a check mark) This indicates the property is eligible for down payment assistance. DPR has been integrated into NNRMLS Paragon data since June 2012 and it’s one of your FREE member services we provide! 










Ready to find out more? Check out DPR’s program search here.