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As a Member of NNRMLS, you have access to the most accurate and timely real estate information in Northern Nevada.

The integrity of our listing data is a result of a multi-faceted compliance strategy. This post details the utility, intent and intricacies of the MLS compliance system. Click here to access our Compliance Information page.

The MLS Rule Book provides the framework for the compliance process. The Rule Book is made up of two separate documents: The NNRMLS Rules and Regulations and the NNRMLS Policy Manual.  Where the Rules spell out what the requirements are, the Policy outlines how the Rules are enforced. The intention of these Rules is not to be punitive or bureaucratic; rather, the Rules and Policy are all about making sure that the integrity of the information you rely on for your business is reflective of your dedication and professionalism.

How are compliance violations found?

Each day, our Compliance Team reviews new listings to identify errors and potential violations.  Errors are also reported by our Members via the Paragon correction button, email, and through our Members Website.

What happens when you submit a listing error or a potential violation?

When you click the Correction Button in Paragon and submit an issue, an email is immediately sent to our Compliance Team. We thoroughly investigate all reports. Some investigations are simple while others require more extensive research to reach a conclusion. When a violation is confirmed, the issue is escalated through the Compliance Process according to the Citation Level.

Will the Listing Agent find out that I reported them?

No. NNRMLS maintains confidentiality of those who report compliance issues.

How do I know what happens after I report an issue?

The Compliance Team will investigate your report and determine if a violation has occurred. As we safeguard your identity as a reporting member, we also protect the confidentiality of the member who is the subject of the complaint. This limits the information we can provide back to you to the following four details: 1. That we received your report, 2. Whether a violation has occurred or not, 3. What type of violation has been confirmed, 4. Whether or not the error has been corrected.

What are the citation levels?

Violations of NNRMLS Rules are grouped into four categories, or “Citation Levels.”  Citation Levels increase according the severity of the violation, as do the fine amounts.

Citation Levels 1-3 are issued for violations where the infraction can be rectified and the potential harm mediated. For violations in these citation levels, a same-day courtesy correction notice is sent and the member can correct the problem by the end of the day and avoid an official citation. If the problem is not corrected by the end of the day, an official Citation is issued and the member is provided an additional two business days to make the correction. If after this the correction has not been made, the member will receive a Notice of Violation accompanied by a fine. The member must now correct the issue within five calendar days or receive a second Notice of Violation with the fine amount doubled, and the member’s MLS account suspended. Reactivation fees will also be  applied.

Level 4 violations are reserved for issues that cannot be rectified or for those that are considered extremely egregious. For these violations, fines are automatic, and there is no warning or grace period granted.

NNRMLS Policy contains some outlier violations that do not fit nicely into the citation categories described above. NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy violations, for instance, are similar to Level 4 violations; however, a first offense of this policy is considered correctable.

Attention Brokers: The MLS Rule Book is going on tour!

We’re offering a free 30-minute office training to bring you and your agents up to speed on the latest rule changes and our compliance process.  NNRMLS Director of Marketing Andrew Cristancho and Director of Compliance Misty Burch are taking the Rule Book on the road! Bookings are available July 19 2021 – August 13 2021. Schedule a virtual visit for your team today!

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