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Ever wish you could see the Launchpad News and Class Schedule at the top of your screen?

The Launchpad is divided into 4 parts, or tiers. Each tier is indicated by a dark blue horizontal bar containing the name of each section.

The default settings are as follows, in this order:

  1. Applications (No Login Required)
  2. Additional Products & Services (Login Required)
  3. Connect to Your Association and MLS
  4. Member News and Class Schedule

To move any of the tiers one above the other, simply click the dark blue header bar and drag it into the desired position. If you would like to see the Launchpad News and Class Schedule on top, simply click, drag and release! See the image below:Click and drag any of the blue header bars to the desired position

In addition, you can move individual buttons within the tier they belong in. For instance, if you would like to move the “Register for a Class” button to the left of the Paragon button, you can. Move them in your order of importance and convenience. Have fun!