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We are beginning a new series of blog tutorials to help answer your questions about our new tax program, CRS Data (replacing Geojet late last month). Simply look for “CRS Data Crunch” in the blog post title and read tax tutorials by our team experts crafted with Members in mind!

For the first tutorial, we will show you how to find parcel maps:

There are 2 ways to quickly access a CRS Data parcel map for a specific property by clicking on the CRS Data Action Icon in Paragon:

NOTE: To begin, add the CRS Action Icons to the spreadsheet by clicking on Customize, then Fields to add the desired icons.

  1. After doing a search, on the spreadsheet report, you will see the added CRS Data icons in the Action Icon section by each listing. To access the parcel map, choose the icon that has the yellow-orange background with the white shape in the middle. (When you hover over the this icon you will see the title, “CRS: Map Property”)
  2. The icons are also available on a few reports for properties, most commonly the MLS All Fields and MLS All Fields 25. The layout may be different from the one shown to the left depending on the report, but the icons will function in the same way.

After clicking on the action icon, you will be presented with the parcel map on the CRS Data site.

To print the parcel map, locate the menu on the right side. Click on the bottom icon that looks like a printer, then Print.








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