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Have you ever wanted to set your font size, style and color in Paragon? Now you can with Paragon’s software enhancement, v 5.2.8, released to the NNRMLS’ Paragon 5 system on Nov. 13 & Oct. 14, 2012.

Here’s an example of what this addition can do:

Default Font and Color for all Rich Text Editors
Edit Font Family, Editor Font Size and Editor Font Color
In response to customer requests, we have implemented the ability for users to select the default Font, Font Size and Colors to be applied to all of the “Rich Text Editors” in the system, allowing the users to set defaults for their e‐mails and other messages.

These new options are available by clicking Preferences, then System from the resulting dropdown, then click the System Preferences folder, then click the User Interface link and look for the controls shown below.

Have Fun!

-The NNRMLS Team

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