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Cloud MLX, Cloud Streams Sunset at NNRMLS Due to Low Adoption

(Editor’s Note: A copy of this blog was emailed to all NNRMLS Members who had created a Cloud MLX or Cloud Streams account in the past. We are posting the content for all members here for transparency.)

Though Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams were introduced as provided NNRMLS member benefits a few years ago, the services have never enjoyed wide adoption and the decision to remove them as included services was made by the Board of Trustees this year.

Cloud CMA, however, enjoys wide adoption among our Members and will remain a provided benefit through your NNRMLS membership.

Learn Cloud CMA

When Will This Happen?
MLX and Streams will no longer be included in NNRMLS membership as of December 30, 2020.

Can I Subscribe to Cloud Streams or Cloud MLX Separately?
Yes! The good news for those who wish to continue using MLX and Streams is that these products can be purchased directly through W+R Studios, the parent company of the Cloud Agent Suite. Even better, the W+R team will continue to run their Fall Promotion until February 2021, offering all of their products for FREE during that time. W+R is also offering a $50-off code for those agents who decide to keep the services after the Fall Promo ends in February 2021. To take advantage of the Fall Promo click here. If you would like to sign up for the entire “Cloud Agent Suite” for a year with the $50 promo click the link above and use the promo code: fallnnrmls.
Again, NNRMLS members will continue to receive Cloud CMA as a provided benefit whether they decide to subscribe to the rest of the Cloud Agent Suite products or not.

What Will Replace These Services At NNRMLS?
To those agents who do not want to continue using Streams or MLX but need a viable replacement, the NNRMLS Team recommends replacing Streams with Paragon’s Collaboration Center and MLX with Paragon Connect. Both are robust, modern and mobile-friendly software tools that make you look like a real-estate superstar to your clients.
To learn more about Paragon’s Collab Center click here.
To learn more about Paragon Connect click here.
For support and training on Collab Center or Paragon Connect click this link to schedule time with our Help Desk Team.

We are confident that streamlining NNRMLS’ collection of business tools allows our team to better align resources toward the goal of providing you with the very best membership benefits.