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Did you know there are two different ways to create listing notifications in Cloud Streams?

In this post we’ll discuss the Do-It-Yourself option, known as Self-serve. It’s less work for you and allows you to invite your clients to create their own Stream. Here’s how it works:

Go to Cloud Streams via your Launchpad: launchpad.nnrmls.com and click on the Cloud Streams button.


Now click on the Create a new Stream button:

Choose Self-serve.










Now, add as many names and email addresses as you would like; when you’re ready click the Send button.









You will then land on the Invitation section of your Cloud Streams Dashboard showing the status of your most recent Stream invite.

The client will then receive an email branded to you that encourages them to set up listing alerts. They simply click the green button, Send Me Listings to begin.

The client can enter a city or zip code and max price, then click the green button, Send Me Listings.

The system automatically begins showing a listing count and asks your client for a little more information. After entering their information, they click the blue button, Let’s Go!

The client can view and edit the results of their stream, mark listings as favorites, leave comments for their agent, and personalize their Streams account.

Clients can also set TEXT alerts for new matches! First, they need to click Alerts.

From the Notification Settings page clients can enter their phone information to enable text alerts. They can also adjust the frequency that they receive email alerts. Clients can receive both email and text alerts if they wish.

Stay tuned for more articles on Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX and Cloud CMA coming soon to our blog, The MLS Post!