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Good news for all of those who use Client Connect!

We have received word from the makers of Paragon that the “Loading Results” message that consumers received when trying to access the “Undecided”, “Favorites”, “Possible”, “Rejected” or “View Summary” sub-tabs in Client Connect has been fixed. The NNRMLS staff has tested the Client Connect sites for the Members that reported the issue, and we have found the “Loading Results” message now goes away after a few seconds once the page content is loaded.

Client Connect Loading Results This was apparently a hard-coding issue where the “Loading Results” image file was not triggered to “turn off” after the page content was loaded. This issue was corrected via LPS MLS Solutions work order number: 108065. Click here to read the NNRMLS article that originally documented the problem. Please advise the NNRMLS staff, (via email: support@nnrmls.com or phone: 775-823-8838), if you notice any other manifestations of this problem arise.