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Being a busy Real Estate professional you likely receive gobs of emails, and you might even want to read some of them!

For those of you that have challenges sorting the important from the more mundane, this article will explain how to assign a color to a certain attribute of an incoming email. Please note this applies to those of you that use Microsoft Outlook.
Check out the screenshot below to see an example of what I’m talking about:
In this example I’ve assigned a different color to each sender, incidentally the inside of the email does not change, just the inbox message list view.
Microsoft calls this Conditional Formatting and it’s fairly simple to set, here’s how:
1. Open your Microsoft Outlook program
2. Click on the View tab:
3. Click on View Settings:
4. Click on Conditional Formatting in the Advanced View Settings: Compact window
5. Click on the Add button in the Conditional Formatting window and an “Untitled” rule will appear in the “Rules for this view:” window and in the “Name:” field:
6. Type the name of the rule into the Name field
7. Click the Font button and pick your desired color:
8. Click the OK button
9. In the “Rules for this view:” window make sure that your new rule is highlighted, and then click on the Condition button in the Conditional Formatting window. This will bring up the Filter window:
10. In the From field enter the exact full name that appears on messages that you receive.
11. Click the OK button on the Filter, Conditional Formatting, and Advanced View Settings windows.
That’s it! You’re done and on your way to color coded organizational bliss!
By the way you can also use conditional formatting to set the color of all email messages that contain a certain word in the subject and/or the body.
Thanks for reading this post! Please feel free to use the comment section for questions or well…comments.
-Andrew Cristancho
NNRMLS Help Desk Representative