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NNRMLS met with Broker members in May to discuss the local implementation of Clear Cooperation Policy and the launch of its new Coming Soon Listing Status. This meeting generated several pages of questions and comments. Members of the NNRMLS Board of Trustees approved of the idea to publish this Q&A as part of the NNRMLS Clear Cooperation FAQ. Check it out here: https://members.nnrmls.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/NNRMLS-Clear-Cooperation-FAQ.pdf


Based on extensive research including communications with MLSs throughout the country and with representatives from the National Association of REALTORS® along with answers to our Broker-Only survey conducted in March 2020, the NNRMLS Board had decided unanimously to syndicate Coming Soon listings. Just before launch of the new listing status, NNRMLS received a few comments from Brokers concerned with this decision. In an effort to be responsive and transparent, the Board along with the NNRMLS CEO, scheduled a Broker meeting at the beginning of May to gather more feedback. Subsequently, the NNRMLS Board held a special meeting with the CEO and staff to review all Broker feedback. The NNRMLS Board decided unanimously at this meeting to uphold its previous decision to syndicate. All members can read the Broker FAQ, which appears on the NNRMLS Clear Cooperation FAQ

A Note About Broker Questions and Comments

Not every comment was complimentary of the NNRMLS implementation of these changes, however in an effort to be as transparent as possible, MLS leadership decided to publish all questions. NNRMLS Staff and Board members contributed to the answers. Some questions and comments were not included because of either duplication with another question or because the question did not relate to the discussion of Clear Cooperation or Coming Soon. The names of the questioners have been omitted to respect their privacy.

All Brokers in NNRMLS territory were invited to attend the meeting. Seventy-three brokers attended and many participated. Also in attendance, were members of the NNRMLS Board of Trustees, leadership from NNRMLS Shareholders (Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® and Sierra Nevada REALTORS®). Panelists included Former NNRMLS CEO Gene Millman, NNRMLS Board President Amy Shocket, NAR’s Director of MLS Engagement Rene Galicia, NNRMLS Legal Council Bonnie Drinkwater and NNRMLS staff. In order to foster feedback and encourage Brokers to speak freely the meeting was not recorded.


If you would like to submit feedback on NNRMLS’ Clear Cooperation Policy, we would still like to hear from you. Please email comments to ClearCoopFeedback@nnrmls.com. We will review these comments as we receive them. Please allow 48-72 hours, not including weekends, for a response. Please note Clear Cooperation is a NAR-mandated policy and feedback does not imply a change to the current implementation will take place.

If you have questions or feedback about Coming Soon, you can reach us at info@nnrmls.com.


Our team is still conducting regularly-scheduled Clear Cooperation and Coming Soon webinars: Click here to register for the next class

BROKERS ONLY: You can schedule a custom webinar exclusively for your team with our training team. Simply visit this page: https://calendly.com/nornevmlsandrew and choose from the “Broker-Only” options