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For years, members have had the ability to upload virtual tours into Paragon. These tours were then viewed by possible buyers through Client Connect, Auto-Email Notifications, and on Broker/Agent IDX websites. NNRMLS Rules required that these tours be Unbranded virtual tours. (See Rules & Regs, Section 5.3/Level 3 Citation Policy). Unbranded tours are specifically for use within the MLS  to prevent one member’s branding from appearing to another member’s client. Unbranded tours contain no logo or contact information about the listing agent or brokerage.

This rule has not changed. However, there is now the option to also upload a Branded Virtual Tour (with your name, logo, and information) into a NEW field in Paragon. This Branded virtual tour will be sent out through your Syndication channels to sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com,and other ListHub portals. When visitors view your listings on these 3rd party sites, all of your branding will be prominently displayed in your Branded virtual tour. Your own Broker/Agent website will continue to display the UnBranded Tour. The Branded tour will only display on 3rd party consumer-facing websites.

NOTE: You will be able to upload your branded tours into Paragon at this time, but they will not be syndicated until a few short weeks down the road.

Branded_Unbranded Fields

Notice the new field is under the Unbranded Virtual Tour Field:

Please be sure the Branded and Unbranded Virtual Tours are uploaded in the appropriate fields! We do not want you to receive a Level 3 Citation of $500 for uploading a Branded tour into the UnBranded Virtual Tour field.

You will find these new fields on the Listing Input page as shown:











NNRMLS is proud to continue to provide value to your marketing efforts. Contact us if you have any questions.