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Have you ever had issues with your email showing an incorrect or outdated phone number after you have changed it? Or run a Cloud CMA report and it shows your old office information?

Changing or updating your contact information with your Association/Paragon only does not automatically update all of your MLS-provided applications! Read on to know where to look and what to expect when updating your personal information in Paragon and some of our most-used applications.

Step 1: Begin Here – Contact Your Association

Contact your association to update your information. This is the first step along the path to a bright new future! You want your clients to see your current contact information! If you are an MLS-only member, you can reach out to NNRMLS to update your information.

Step 2: Verify Changes 

Within 24 – 48 hours your information will update, but it’s always good to double-check due to technical background processes and also, some of our applications require your manual update. It is always a best practice to verify changes on any of the applications you frequently use by verifying the changes are correct in your contact settings and email signatures.

Next, check your individual settings in some of our most common applications:

In Paragon:

We can check within Paragon by going to Preferences, then Email. This will take you to the email verification page. The email listed is the current email Paragon, your  Association and NNRMLS have on file for you. If this is incorrect after the 24-48 hours, please let us know so we can address any issues with the account updating.

In Cloud CMA:

Within the Cloud Products there is the ability to update your email through account settings. Each of the Cloud Products (MLX, Streams, and CMA) can have different emails assigned. It is always a good idea to visit your settings for each product and update if needed.

To update your email within CloudCMA, select Settings at the top. Under the User Settings User tab, you can update or change your email contact. Select the Update button at the bottom of the page to save the changes. By default, CloudCMA will not update the Contact Tab in settings. (This information appears on the footer of pages for CMA Reports, Flyers or any other Report run through CloudCMA). To update, we will select Settings, as shown above. Next, select the User Settings Contact tab. We can erase items on the contact list by clicking the Trash icon associated with each item. We can add new items to the contact list with the New Contact dropdown bar, selecting the type of item we want to add then entering that information. Select Add to update the Contact list. Then, we can reorganize the contact list by clicking and dragging them into desired positions.

These are just a couple applications to check when updating your contact information with either your Association or NNRMLS. It is always a best practice to check ALL of the applications you use to carry out your business.

Many applications are automatically updated by pulling information from Paragon, but they can also be manually edited. However, RPR is an application that must be manually updated:

Instanet pulls your updated Paragon information automatically, but it can also be done manually by clicking Settings > Preferences > User Information, Office Information or Email Signature.

Listingbook pulls your updated Paragon information automatically, but it can also be done manually by clicking My Account > Personal Information > Edit.

CRS Data:
CRS Data also pulls your updated Paragon information automatically, but it can also be done manually by clicking Profile & Settings > Branding, Email Address.

RPR is not updated automatically, but must be done manually by clicking on Settings and Profile within RPR.

If you have any issues updating or would like to ask a tech some questions, please call 823.8838 or email support@nnrmls.com.