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In this guide we will go over best practice steps to send only the necessary forms to your intended party. Sending the finalized notice email from Authentisign can contain more than one form, which can be cumbersome to the other agent/broker member.

The above final signed document for download contains five signed and completed documents!

Forwarding your final document can contain the full list of signed documents rather than the one or two intended forms to recipient(s). As shown below in the example, there are multiple forms being sent.

So, how do we send only our select forms and keep a professional clean approach to document sharing?

The Best Practice for sending your signed Instanet documents is to access the Documents within the Instanet Transaction

From Instanet, select the Transaction that is associated with the sent documents. On the right-hand side, select the Documents under the Wizard menu. Instanet will automatically return signed documents from Authentisign to this area of the transaction.

Above, you will notice the green lockpad icon for the documents, showing that they have been digitally signed and returned. From here we can select the desired forms to send to the other agent/broker members.

Select the large circle for the document(s) you would like to send, then click the Basket Icon at the top-right of the Documents page. The envelope icon will allow us to send the documents via email directly within Instanet.

Shown above, enter the recipient email, subject and body of the email. Make sure to select Send as Attachment; this will send the document as a pdf file.

If done correctly, the recipient will receive a similar email to the example below with the selected document as a pdf file.

This process makes the documents easier to manage and provides a simpler work flow to deal with for both sides of the transaction!