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NNRMLS is proud to announce that ShowingTime’s ‘Listing Agent Accompanied Showings’ is now live in our MLS!

In some markets there is a need for the listing agent to accompany the showing agent on appointments. The listing agent will be able to take action on the appointment request in advance of the owner or occupant seeing the request. You can configure this on each listing by turning on the Is this an agent accompanied showing? (See screenshot below)

Agent Accompanied Showings
Here are some other interesting features:

  • The listing agent can choose to allow the contact to be first in line to approve these requests, or to wait until the agent is sure the showing will fit into their schedule.
  • Both the approval by the listing agent and the owner will be tracked
  • If the listing agent does not approve the request, the seller or occupant will not be notified.
  • While sellers or occupants are required for accompanied showings, the order of the calls is clearly identified on the listing worksheet.

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*This article was taken from the ShowingTime Knowledge Base of articles