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Have you noticed the great new changes in the Authentisign April update? There are numerous and positive changes with this release!

Here are just a few of the changes; covered in detail in the Authentisign Release Notes:

  • Tracking history menu item added — you can see recent activity across all signings
  • The Drag/drop images used in the flyout on document annotation views have been updated for better design and contrast on screen
  •  The Draw Signature/Instanet Pen size has changed from size 10 to size 4, resulting in a finer line and easier to read signatures
  • A combination of SimulSign and Sign-In-Line is now possible
  • The Complete Dialog in the sign view has been centered to make it easier to see
  • Numerous interface changes to improve the mobile signing experience
  • Several “bugs” have been addressed and fixed

Please read the full Authentisign Release Notes to find details and screenshots. Let us know if you have any questions!