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You can now associate a saved search with a contact even faster – thanks to a new search field added by the Paragon tech crew during a recent downtime software release.

Here’s how it works:

When you are in a contact’s profile and need to associate a search with them, you can click on the green plus mark to “Add a Search”, then click the “Load an Existing Saved Search” link.Add Search Saved Searches

Once the “Associate Saved Search” window pops up the magic begins! In the past you would need to scroll through all of your searches, which could be time-consuming depending on how many you have saved.

Associate Saved Search windowNow you can enter a key word into the Search field, and…VOILA! Your desired search appears! Next select the search by clicking the corresponding check box, and make sure you “Save”.

Associate Saved Search window with Mary








The search has been associated with the contact – you are now able to set the contact up for an auto notification.