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Here comes the spring home-buying season! Some buyers are trying to coincide moving into a new home with when school lets out…are you ready to hit the ground running? 

Crocus in Snow

Prepare now for the busier season that is sure to come! One way is to prepare is to make sure you are taking full advantage of ShowingTime’s features. ShowingTime is a fully automated showing tool integrated into our Paragon MLS system, making it easy for buyers’ agents to schedule showings and simple for sellers’ agents to add to their listings. 

ShowingTime recommends 5 tasks to complete before your busy season. The 5 tasks, taken from ShowingTime’s article are:

  1. Download the ShowingTime mobile app
  2. Provide mobile access for your sellers
  3. Allow your sellers to confirm showings
  4. Set appointment rules and restrictions for your listings
  5. Configure your listings to generate more showings

To read the full article with tips on each task listed above, please click here to read additional helpful information.