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The NNRMLS Approved Vendor Directory makes finding a trusted website provider easy!

What is an MLS IDX Feed?

An IDX feed is a data connection that transfers listing data between the NNRMLS listing database, also known as Paragon, and a real estate agent’s website. As listings update in the MLS, the IDX feed updates the agent’s website in real time.

What is an NNRMLS Approved Vendor?

The NNRMLS IDX Department conducts a compliance review of the vendor’s products and if they pass those MLS standards, they are granted approval.

How do I find the NNRMLS Approved IDX Vendor Directory?

Below are two easy ways to find our list of NNRMLS Approved Vendors:

  • First Method: Use a Direct Link to access the list of Approved Vendors:

Click this link members.nnrmls.com/approved-vendor-directory, which will take you directly to the vendor directory, however login to the NNRMLS Members Website will be required; this is the same login information as your Member Launchpad. If you prefer this method, we advise that you bookmark this site on your web browser.

Approved Vendor List

This image shows the Approved Vendor Directory

  • Second Method: Login Directly through your NNRMLS Launchpad. Remember the Launchpad is always at “launchpad.nnrmls.com

Launchpad Login

Members Website Button


  • The NNRMLS Approved Vendor Directory will open. You will see a list of all the NNRMLS Approved Vendors with columns at the top for; “Logo,” “Company,” “Description,” Category” and “Options.” The Vendors’ logos will appear in the left column, followed by the company name, description, category, and options. Click the Contact button, under the Options column to view the specific contact information for each vendor, such as phone, email, and website.
Contact Vendor

This image shows the location of the Contact button under the Options column. Users can click the Options button corresponding to each vendor to view specific contact information.

This image displays an example of an IDX vendor’s contact information.

We hope you find this site useful in selecting an IDX website provider. When you work with an Approved IDX Vendor, they will initiate all the required IDX paperwork online through our Vendor Portal, and our automated system will notify you, and your broker, with approval requests and updates via email.  If you have any questions please email idx@nnrmls.com