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Lockbox_MissionComplete_FBThank you for participating in the lockbox exchange. Through the excellent participation of our Members, we exceeded the number of new lockboxes we expected to give out.

As of our May 31, 2013 cutoff date, we can no longer exchange old boxes for new BTLE Supra boxes. If you have old boxes that you would like to sell, please take them to your REALTOR® Association to de-program. These boxes can then be sold online or to agents outside our region.

We remind you that effective immediately, the old lockboxes will no longer be considered “NNRMLS approved.” The “current NNRMLS lockbox” is the new Supra BTLE iBox and should be placed on appropriate listings in accordance with our policies.

3.10. MLS Lockbox System Box Required: If a Participant or Subscriber participates in the voluntary NNRMLS Lockbox system and if that Participant or Subscriber has placed on the listing any lockbox or mechanical device designed to allow contractors or others to access the property, NNRMLS requires that an NNRMLS approved lockbox also be placed on the listing for the use of NNRMLS members.  

The current NNRMLS lockbox is the new Bluetooth LE iBox by Supra. If you have an old lockbox on your listing you are considered out of compliance and could be subject to violation.