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Remember the goal of our compliance program is not to collect fines, but to correct the data! We seek to ensure the MLS is a trading platform for our members with relevant, timely, accurate, and reliable data. If you are unclear on a rule or uncertain as to procedure, please contact your NNRMLS Team. We are happy to help!


Please visit our office and ask for our handy 2-sided Rules & Regs Card, printed on a heavy coated card stock that will withstand wear as you refer to it often.

Incorrect Area violations increased in March 2016.  Please remember to double-check which area your listing is in by clicking the NNRMLS Area Maps button on the Member Launchpad.


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We thank and commend members for taking these violation notices seriously and updating or fixing the issue within the 2 business day grace period. The ratio of violations to citations proves that this policy is working!