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A Note about NNRMLS Courtesy Correction Notices and Grace Periods

For Level 1-3 Citations:
A same-day Courtesy Correction Notice is given before a Notice of Violation is issued. If corrected the same day, no violation is issued.

If a Level 1-3 Citation Notice of Violation is issued, a 2-business day grace period is given to correct before a fine is applied.

Level 4 Citations: Accrues an automatic fine – no grace period is given to correct.

The Bottom Line

The goal of the NNRMLS Compliance program is not to collect fines, but to correct the data. We seek to ensure the MLS is a trading platform for our Members with relevant, timely, accurate and reliable data. If you are unclear on a rule or uncertain as to procedure, please contact your NNRMLS Team at

To read the NNRMLS Mission Statement and Value Proposition, click here

NNRMLS Rules, Regulations, and Policies

Find everything you need pertaining to Rules & Regulations, including proper listing procedures, changes, withdrawals, expirations and more valuable information. 

To ensure the integrity of the MLS and the MLS database, policies have been established in accordance with and to enhance our Rules & Regulations. 

NNRMLS Bylaws 

NNRMLS Rules and Regulations

Policy Manual

Orientation Policy

NNRMLS Billing and Refund Policy

Where Do the Rules, Regs, and Policies
Come From?

  • Most Rules and Regulations are prescribed by the
    National Association of REALTORS®
  • The Board of Trustees
  • NNRMLS Policies represent the operational guidelines of the rules