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Paragon MLS

Lots of great new features added to Paragon MLS to help your online business

Great news! NNRMLS has worked quickly with its partners to add many great new features to your Paragon MLS system!

What’s New?

Our goal with many of the following new features is to help you in connecting with buyers and sellers in this time of social distancing, but regardless of the motivations of adding these new bells and whistles we think that the new features will help your success in real estate and your endeavours to connect buyers and sellers.

  • Live Stream Open Houses and Tours: Similar to a traditional open house or tour, the Live Stream version allows you to use online meeting technology, whether you use Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook Live or another service to live stream your open house virtually so you can beam a live tour of your listing to whoever has your invite! Read more here: https://members.nnrmls.com/live-stream-tours-and-open-houses-within-paragon/
  • More Pictures Per Listing: NNRMLS has taken the photo count in Paragon MLS from its current 25 to 40! We hope this helps you share the details of your listings more effectively! The additional photos will appear to any agent using Paragon MLS’s listing slideshows and to an agent’s clients who are using Collab Center. The additional photos may also appear on public real estate sites.

Here’s how to use this feature as a listing agent:

Navigate to your listing in Paragon and click “select an action”.

Now click on Picture Administration:

Picture Admin

You will see on the next screen the ability to add up to 40 pictures! Although you are welcome to upload less than 40 pictures, NNRMLS requires at least one photo to list in its MLS system.

Here’s how to use this feature as a Buyers’ agent:

While viewing a listing detail report click the primary photo:

A slideshow of the listing photos will display:

Here’s how your clients will see this feature:

When your client receives an email that links to Collab Link and Collab Center, they will have the ability to view up to 40 photos, provided the listing agent has uploaded that many.

Photos and Map View

Virtual Tours Appear More Often: Your Unbranded Virtual Tours now appear in Paragon’s Collab Center and Collab Link. This means if you’re a Listing Agent your virtual tour gets more exposure and if you’re a Buyers’ Agent, your clients have access to more multimedia. Link can be a traditional photo slideshow, video or Matterport.

Here’s where a client will see the Virtual Tours in Collab Link and Collab Center:

Tax Insight: Now those clients that use Paragon’s Collab Center can view property taxes for the previous year for listings.

Here’s where clients will be able to view the tax information in Collab Center and Collab Link:

Average Monthly CIC, (HOA), now a default search field: Now you can easily search for listings for your clients based on Average Monthly CIC fees. No more wondering if there are secondary or set-up fees. Our smart Average Monthly CIC Fee field calculates up to three fees, whether they be monthly, quarterly or yearly and combines those with set up fees for one easy Average Monthly Fee. As a bonus, clients that use Collab Center and Collab Link will also see the Average Monthly CIC Fee amount if applicable.

Here’s where agents can view the Average Monthly CIC Fee Field:

Here’s where clients can view the Average Monthly CIC Fee info in Collab Center and Collab Link: