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Four more NNRMLS Team Members earned their CMLX1 certifications bringing NNRMLS into a select club of MLS organizations in North America to have 100 percent of its staff obtain the international designations. The issuing agency, the Council of MLSs, says completion of CMLX1 indicates a staff’s dedication to professionalism and to furthering the goals of the real estate industry. Raising the bar of our team’s professional credentials is just one of many examples of the value NNRMLS brings to its membership noted CEO George Pickard. Click here for the press release.

[Reno, NV] – Director of Finance and Office Administration Amie VanClute, Director of Information Technology Ryan Snyder, Director of Membership and Compliance Misty Burch and our newest recruit, Member Support Specialist Brooke Murphy are the latest NNRMLS Team Members to earn this international, professional credential in real estate through the Council of Multiple Listing Services, “CMLS.” VanClute, Snyder, Burch and Murphy all earned the CMLX1 professional designation.

NNRMLS is only the third MLS in the nation to have all of its staff CMLX1 certified, according to available data compiled by CMLS staff. CMLS currently has 208 member MLS organizations and at least one individual from 104 of its member MLSs have completed CMLX1, according to the data.

“Our team believes in the special role that MLS plays in the real estate industry and having a team that is literally one hundred percent committed to raising the bar of their own professional credentials is just one of many examples of the value we are bringing to our membership,” NNRMLS CEO George Pickard said.

The team at NNRMLS is doing amazing things! The multiple listing service based in Reno, NV, is only the 3rd in the nation to have all staff CMLX1 certified! Click To Tweet
Pickard, a CMLX2 designee himself, said he is proud that 100 percent of his team has completed the CMLS Certification program. He also noted the extraordinary commitment of the volunteer leaders who serve on the NNRMLS Board of Trustees and who have participated in the CMLXv certification, which is specifically designed to level-up the expertise and industry knowledge of volunteer Board Members.

Amie VanClute, who oversees all office administration and finance, has the longest staying power of any on the NNRMLS team and has been with the company for almost 14 years. “Since I have been here for so many years, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what the MLS was all about; however, after taking the CMLX course, I learned just how vast and specialized the MLS world is,” VanClute said.

Misty Burch, NNRMLS’ data-integrity guru, joined NNRMLS almost six years ago. “The CMLX1 training gave me some great advice on how to make sure to give the best customer service to our members,” Burch said.

The favorite part of the job for chief tech Ryan Snyder is helping brokers and agents overcome technical challenges in their day-to-day workflow. It is no wonder he said the most interesting part of CMLX was learning the history and was fascinated by seeing the legacy technology real estate professionals used 30 to 40 years ago. “I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a real estate agent in the 80s with limited access to technology,” Snyder said.

Even though Brooke Murphy just joined the team in March 2021 she has wasted no time in successfully completing the CMLX1 coursework concurrent to navigating her responsibilities as part of the NNRMLS Member Support Team. Her motivation to help others and play a key role on her team drives Murphy in everything she does. “Being of maximum usefulness to others is the root passion of my life, and being valued, heard, seen and encouraged by my colleagues inspires me to share what I have to offer with others, beyond what I accomplish in my workday,” Murphy said. “With a fresh, unbiased perspective, this [experience] showed me just how great of a company I get to be a part of; a company that exemplifies the best practices of CMLS both internally and externally.”

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“The CMLX certification program is a rigorous training program that produces certified management specialists in Multiple Listing Services,” said Denee Evans, CEO of CMLS. “The men and women who make a commitment to professionalism by enrolling in this program are often the ones who help lead multiple listing services and the North American real estate industry, which has become the envy of the world. I congratulate VanClute, Burch, Snyder, Murphy and the entire organization on their most recent accomplishment.”

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This image shows a recent Facebook post in which two NNRMLS team members were recognized by CMLS for achieving their CMLX1 designations.

A recent CMLS Facebook post congratulating NNRMLS for its 100 percent staff certification.

CMLS uses its Twitter account to congratulate NNRMLS on its 100 staff certification.

The CMLX program was established to build a better marketplace by empowering industry professionals with the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities they need to succeed. It is a tiered program, based loosely on a collegiate, graduate, and post-graduate system. CMLX1 and CMLXv cover subject matter related to Multiple Listing Services. CMLX2 improves the core competency of MLS executives. CMLX3 is a leadership-level designation for senior staff and executives.

NNRMLS Staff who have completed CMLX certifications:

• CEO George Pickard: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX2
• Director of Marketing Andrew Cristancho: Completed CMLX1 and CMLX 2
• Executive Assistant Amie Duncan: Completed CMLX1, (working on CMLX2)
• Senior Support Tech Dale Lloyd: Completed CMLX1
• Support Tech Chris Rock: Completed CMLX1
• Creative Designer Loy Mach: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Membership and Compliance Misty Burch: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Information Technology Ryan Snyder: Completed CMLX1
• Director of Finance and Office Administration Amie VanClute: Completed CMLX1
• Member Support Specialist Brooke Murphy: Completed CMLX1

About CMLS:
CMLS is an association of over 200 MLSs committed to high standards of professionalism and performance. It was formed as a premier forum, advocate and resource in 1957 and has since evolved into a volunteer-led organization that is responsible for bringing the real estate industry together to build a better marketplace.

Serving the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fernley, Fallon, Yerington, Minden, Gardnerville and
South Lake Tahoe areas, the Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service is dedicated to
building on the fundamental MLS principles of Cooperation and Compensation to create an
efficient and successful marketplace for its Members and their clients.

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