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That’s why we have added a countdown on the Login Screen to the Launchpad
a reminder that transactions in zipForm must be moved to Instanet before Dec 31st or you risk the loss of much-needed information. ZipForm is running side-by-side with Instanet for this brief period to give you time to move your existing transactions over.

Instanet was successfully launched on Wed, Oct. 29, 2014 in Northern Nevada, courtesy of Reno/Sparks Association and Sierra Nevada Association. The nuts & bolts are being tightened on your new transaction desk suite and it will soon be a well-oiled machine. Your association forms have been uploaded and are ready to use, as well as many broker-specific forms that have been submitted. Each January, the RSAR forms are updated with any changes approved by the Risk Reduction Committee — this year that tradition will be continued. In addition to most the recent versions of the forms, changes are being implemented to address spacing issues in Instanet. Look for new forms the week of January 5th.

Have you prepared for this change? The in-person (lab) classes, live and recorded webinars will be continuing until we know that you are confident in this new product suite. We invite you to jump in, take a class and become familiar with Instanet.

Your action items:

1. Move your existing transactions to Instanet now
Click on this link below to read a recent how-to article on our blog: How to Email Your Existing zipForm Transactions into Instanet

2. Take a class
Our December class schedule is ready for you. You can have your choice of Live Webinars taught by Gregg Driscoll, Instanet trainer, or in-person lab classes taught by Andrew Cristancho, our NNRMLS instructor. If these great choices are not enough, we even have recorded webinars with added convenience.

3. Call for tech help if needed
NNRMLS at 823.8838 or email us at support@nnrmls.com

Remember: zipForm is running parallel with Instanet until Dec 31, 2014 –You still have time to save your existing transactions into Instanet!