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Do you want the MLS system to automatically call and text you when a listing you’re interested in, or that your client is interested in, hits the market? Then you should use Paragon’s Voice and Text Alert feature. Read on if you’d like to know how to use this handy tool.

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Voice and Text Alerts: Things to Know
1. You can send voice messages without text, but you cannot send text messages without voice. That might change in the future, so stay tuned!

2. Enabling Voice Alerts will send new and changed listing information directly to your phone. If your not available for the call, a voicemail will be left with the listing details.

3. Enabling Text Alerts will send new and changed listing information directly to your phone via text message.

4. Please note that text messages can carry with them charges imposed by the service provider that the recipient will be responsible for.

5. The Voice and Text feature is disabled by default and you must activate it if you wish to use it as part of your contact management toolkit.

6. The Voice and Text feature is designed to send the agent messages, not the client.

How to set yourself up for Voice and Text Alerts in Paragon:
1. Click on Preferences, then choose Third Party from the resulting dropdown menu.VandT 2
VandT 3
2. Click on Voice Alerts from the left side of the page.
3. Click the green plus mark in the light blue toolbar to add a voice alert profile.VandT 4
4. Fill in the Profile Name, enter your phone number in the Destination Number field, check Profile Enabled and Send Text Messages With Alerts checkboxes and use the dropdown menu to select the Service Provider.VandT correction1
Note: Although there is a way to send just Voice messages, (by unchecking the Send Text messages With Alerts checkbox), there is no way to send only text messages. When you check the Send Text Messages With Alerts check box you will see a warning about the possible cost of text messages. You can then click OK to accept or cancel to opt-out.
VandT 5
5. Select the time frames in which you would like to receive the alerts. VandT 7
6. Click the Save button.
7. Create a Contact profile for a client.
8. Next create a Search and associate that search with the Contact.
9. Click on the Search Activity folder on the left, then click the Search that appears under the green plus mark on the left side of the screen.VandT 10

10. In the center-left of the page click the On bubble that appears under the Voice and Text Alerts Heading.

11. The Voice Alert Profiles window will appear, select the Profile you wish to use from the dropdown menu and click the Save button.VandT correction2 Note: You can create more than one profile for yourself if needed.
That’s it! You have successfully set up Voice and Text Alerts.VandT correction3

Now when a listing matches the search criteria you established for the client, you will receive a phone call and a text message. Please note: You can set yourself up to receive Voice and Text Alerts on every client with an active search. Your client does not have to be receiving Auto E-mail Notifications in order for your Voice and Text Alerts to work.