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IMPORTANT: You may have to take action to continue receiving emails from Paragon.

Some members have reported that they are unable to BCC or add themselves to the TO: or CC: fields within Paragon’s email screens.  We received word from the makers of Paragon that this is due to a new third party spam service, used by the email provider SecureServer.net, owned and operated by GoDaddy. This service is unrelated to Paragon, or NNRMLS, but nonetheless can impact your ability to use Paragon.

If you have encountered an error when trying to copy yourself on a Paragon email, are not receiving Paragon emails, or have seen a Paragon warning that your address has been opted out, follow these instructions to get opted back in:

  • Search your email client (Outlook, Mail, gmail) for messages from “secureserver.net”.  Look in both your inbox and junk folders.
  • Read the message to verify that it pertains to mail from Black Knight, Paragon, “paragonrels.com” or FNIS. These are Paragon servers that may have tried to relay mail to you.
  • Click the link in the email and follow the instructions to validate the source as safe. This step let’s the spam software know that you approve of Paragon emails.
  • Visit http://nnrmls.paragonrels.com/paragonsubscriptions/optin.aspx
  • Enter your email address in the field, click Next.
  • Select “Any agent using this software” and click Next.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Paragon, requiring you to clink a link to complete the opt-in process. You have 72 hours to open that email and click the link.


This will get you opted back into receiving Paragon emails, but you may run into the same problem down the road if you should miss a spam notification from “checkspam.secureserver.net”. You may want to add the sender “checkspam.secureserver.netto your safe-senders list, and read through any notifications you receive from that address in the future. If the spam blocking service requests validation in the future, and you don’t take action to approve emails from Paragon, the same process as outlined above must be followed to opt back in to Paragon emails.

Again, this service is a third party application from a company unrelated to NNRMLS or Paragon. We cannot control what emails are flagged as spam by this service.

If you need any assistance with receiving emails from Paragon, please contact our tech support department at 775-823-8838 or support@nnrmls.com.