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You can now upload high resolution photos to your listings in Paragon — which means the photos you add can be bigger and better.

Due to a 2013 enhancement by LPS MLS Solutions, Paragon can now accept the following photo sizes:

  • Maximum Allowable File Size: 10MB (Doubled from previous limit).
  • Maximum Photo Size: 1280 x 960 (Doubled from previous limit).
  • Photo File Size: 128K (Quadrupled from previous limit).

Notes about photo compression, file size and image size: File size is the size of the actual file. Image size refers to the resolution of the photo. The resolution of the image dictates its clarity. If a photo is over 128K in file size, the system will compress the image. If you do upload photos larger than the 128K limit, the images cannot exceed 10MB. Paragon allows a maximum resolution of 1280 by 960. If a photo is under the 128K limit but has a resolution larger than the maximum, the system will compress the image. In both cases compression can reduce the image quality.

Hint: You can use Microsoft Windows to quickly determine image size — just mouse over the photo and the file details will display in a pop up window.

Photo too big? There are several free tools available for
resizing images. For a list of recommended easy-to-use tools,
click here.

More photo notes:
1. LPS recommends the following photo formats: .jpeg, .gif and .png.
2. You cannot use special characters to name photos.

Bonus Note: To upload photos, click the Browse button. When the photos are finished uploading, click the Upload button. You may remove files from the upload list by clicking the red button to the right of the file name.

-LPS MLS Solutions contributed to this post.