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Are you too mobile for your MLS?

Then you should be using Northern Nevada Regional MLS’ Mobile MLS!

Here’s how to add a Mobile MLS shortcut to your iPhone’s homescreen:
1. Open Safari, (that’s the blue compass icon)
2. Locate nnrmls.mobile.paragonrels.com by tapping it into Safari’s address field, (this is different from the search engine field that likely says “Google” or “Yahoo” in it)
3. Tap the menu box (the little box with an arrow)
4. Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button
5. Rename the application shortcut if you wish and then tap the “Add” button

Here’s what the shortcut will look like:

If you would like to learn more about this mobile website click this link to watch a how-to video: http://p4help.fnismls.com/p5/user/pages/video/footage/reinsight_Mobile/reinsight_Mobile.html
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