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If you have always wanted to upload more photos to your listings you’re going to love this news:

NNRMLS has worked with the LPS MLS Solutions team to allow our Paragon 5 system to allow the upload of 25 photos. Previously, the Picture Administration page allowed just 13 photos to be uploaded. Effective today, the total number of available photo slots has been nearly doubled.

This change applies to new and current listings. If you want to add additional photos to a listing that was previously restricted to only display 13 photos, you can do so by entering the Picture Administration screen in Listing Maintenance: Click Listings > Maintain Listings > Select Listing> Click ”Pictures”.


NNRMLS has created two new reports to showcase this new capability, both which display up to 25 photos. The first is “Client All Fields 25” which can be emailed from Paragon, and the second is “MLS All Fields 25” which cannot be emailed, but can be printed.

*The old reports, “Client All Fields” and “MLS All Fields”, remain configured to display only 13 photos.