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Listing Photos Added to CRS Data

MLS Tax Suite now features photos on Property Report

You may already know and love CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite for your tax search needs, and you’re sure to be pleased that now the system also includes listing photos on the popular Property Report! Opening the Property Report will immediately expose you to the listing photos straight from the MLS as seen below:

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Remine is Coming to Town!

In-person Remine training is is on June 24th and 25th! Register by clicking the class of your choice, in Reno or Carson City.

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Unleash the power of big data and win more business on Instagram!

During this webinar you will learn:
• What type of content you should post to generate more leads
• How to effectively leverage Instagram Stories to promote your business
• How to run Instagram Ads to grow your brand reach
• Which tools you need to get more followers from Instagram

Homesnap’s Coming to Town on March 18th!

Mark your calendar now for the March 18th “Homesnap 101” Event by the Homesnap Training Team! Learn the tips, tricks and best practices for mastering the top tools within Homesnap Pro. Carving out time to learn these tools will change your daily habits, making you more efficient and productive in your business while on the go. You will learn about listings and search tools, inviting your sphere into Homesnap, how to create a 5-minute Rapid CMA, use the Safety Timer and more! Click here to register for the March 18th event at the Grove!

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NNRMLS Launches New Education Platform on Tuesday, January 22nd

Want to learn more about your MLS products and services, but the classes offered never line up with your schedule? NNRMLS has a solution for you: Mindflash! Mindflash will be accessible to Members 24/7!

Mindflash is an online, on-demand learning system for modern business! With Mindflash you can learn about NNRMLS products and services whenever you want and from wherever you are. Because Mindflash is mobile responsive, you can get your training on-the-go from the device you have with you.

It’s easy to access the Mindflash system:
Step 1. Log into your launchpad at
Step 2. Click the Mindflash button

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