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SafeMLS Support & FAQ -- Introduction to Scout for SafeMLS

NNRMLS uses Scout for SAFEMLS security protection designed to provide optimum protection for valuable MLS and customer data by preventing unauthorized access and account sharing. In addition to an improved security posture that ensures valuable data doesn't end up compromised, members also have the benefit of revenue assurance - assuring that everyone using the MLS is participating in the cost of providing the service. 

Scout for SAFEMLS uses keystroke dynamics as well as device and location information to analyze your identity as you log into Paragon Online. The result is a zero footprint authentication system that requires no additional hardware or software.


Scout for SAFEMLS Enrollment

On your first login to Paragon, your will be directed to the enrollment wizard to establish your password
and security questions.


Step 1 - End User License Agreement

Please read the license agreement carefully. The EULA provides much information regarding
your responsibilities as an agent.


Step 2 - Secret Questions

If you ever forget your Paragon/Scout password, you will need the answer to your secret questions to retrieve it. The three questions are "What is your birth city?", "What is your birth year?", and "What is your mother's middle name?”


Step 3 - Password

Choose a password for Paragon/Scout. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length
and contain a minimum of 6 letters.

SafeMLS Q&As
I forgot my Paragon/Scout Password. How do I retrieve it?

Click the "I Forgot My Password" link on the Paragon login screen. After successfully answering your secret questions, a temporary password will be e-mailed to you. Using your temporary password, you will be prompted to create
a new password while logging into Paragon.

How can I change my Paragon/Scout Password?
Click the "I Need to Change my Password" link on the Paragon Login Screen. You will be prompted to answer your secret questions and choose a new password.

I received a Clareity error, "An error occurred while processing your request" while logging in.

NNRMLS advises that you close all instances of your Internet browser windows(s) and then bring a browser window back up and try to log in again. You should then be able to log in successfully. If not, please contact
NNRMLS at 77.823.8838 or

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